Enable Any App to Make Intelligent Decisions

Personalize content, detect bots and fraudulent users, recommend products, estimate customer lifetime value, make your smart home or IoT devices smarter, predict churn, and more.

Serverless machine learning with a few lines of code. Make your application more intelligent in minutes.

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Why Us?

Serverless, high-performance machine learning contained in a simple API.

Optimize Everything

Classification, regression, and reinforcement learning model types are available for all plans. mlrequest enables modeling for a diverse set of problems. See the docs for examples.

Integrate with Any App

Perfect for websites, web apps, mobile apps, IoT apps, smart home apps, and more. If your app can make an HTTP request, it can be intelligent.

Fast, Scalable, and Available

Make thousands of model transactions per second. Models are duplicated across 5 data centers around the world. Less than 60ms response time, globally.
See status.mlrequest.com.

Setup in Minutes

With a few lines of code strategically placed in your app, you can be up and running in no time. Lightweight and dependency free.


Never worry about server deployment, maintenance, or fees again. mlrequest packages highly-scalable, efficient, and available machine learning into a simple API.

Online Learning

Model updates occur incrementally, in real-time, with every data point. Unlike traditional ML, you will never have to retrieve your entire training data set to update your models.


HTTPS transmission required. Hash your raw data to maximize security with no loss in machine learning performance. Raw data is automatically removed from our servers after a few days.


We are available to help you when you need it. Email support@mlrequest.com for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Send us an email if you don't find your question here.

  • What is mlrequest?

    mlrequest is a high-performance machine learning API that does not require server setup, maintenance, or software dependencies. It's easy to get started, just send a request with data to one of the /predict or /learn API endpoints. 

    We are running in data centers around the world to optimize latency and throughput. mlrequest is designed to be fast, scalable, and available so that you can focus on your machine learning-based application.

  • What can I do with mlrequest?

    mlrequest can be applied to many diverse problems across a wide range of industries. Integrate with a large production application, personal project, or anything between. A few examples are listed below.

    • Determine user's intent to buy, signup, or click
    • Learn smart home device profiles
    • Detect fraudulent behavior
    • Personalize app content for individual or groups of users
    • Detect bot and other malicious traffic
    • Recommend products
    • Estimate customer lifetime value
    • Optimize email campaigns
    • Determine user sentiment
    • Identify customers who are likely to churn
  • Where can I learn more about using the API? 

    The docs contain details with examples about how to use the API. 

  • I'm new to machine learning, can I still use mlrequest? 

    Yes, mlrequest is well suited for beginners and experts alike. The API and documentation are designed to make machine learning as accessible as possible. We want you to hit the ground running with integrating machine learning into your application. See the docs for examples on how to get started.

  • What's included in the free tier?

    The free tier provides 10,000 model transactions a month on a single model and is intended for app development and hobbyist projects.

    A rate limit ~2 requests per second exists for the free tier, which allows up to 200 model transactions per second by batching data. If you require high throughput, more monthly transactions, or more models, please upgrade to any of our paid plans.

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